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You have come for shopping and coupon codes. So here you are! Hello, My name is Angel the Dalmatian, and I am the 4-legged CEO of The Pet Zone Rescue League. I am proud that, through our offerings of 100s of internet stores and coupon codes we have managed to donate over $1,000 to animal care and well-being. 

Just think - every purchase you make through our website generates a commission that goes directly to needy animals. I have directly benefited from this work, being rescued with funds given to the Howard County Animal Shelter in Maryland. 

Today I live in the lap of luxury in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, and vow to do my best to eliminate animal cruelty and neglect. 

Won't you please help? Visit our merchants and use our coupon codes and make your regular purchase. You pay the same price you would via any other internet portal, and often times less if you use our coupon codes. In turn, the merchant makes a contribution to this good cause. It's painless, costs you nothing, and helps so many pets in need!

Best Wishes and Happy Shopping,


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